Our rebranding

Dear Valued Customers

Courier Systems is committed to provide the best and most user friendly sameday courier service available. With this in mind, when we had the opportunity to buy eCourier last year we jumped at it. eCourier had rapidly achieved a significant presence in the London courier market with a similar customer care focus and some revolutionary technology

Courier Systems and eCourier have been part of the same group and worked together for over 12 months now. We recognise that operating two separate brands sometimes leads to confusion for our customers and so, using the fresh and vibrant image we have inherited from eCourier, we have decided to adopt their livery across both fleets.

The eCourier corporate branding will be used on our entire vehicle fleet and our courier’s uniforms. The website branding will change but the functionality will remain exactly the same. Can I take this opportunity to reassure you as a highly valued client that we will continue to provide the high quality and environmentally friendly service that your business demands. The people and couriers who currently ensure that your items are effectively and efficiently delivered will still be undertaking these tasks and are fully conversant with all of your requirements and needs.

We are certain that the imminent enhancements in technology will significantly improve our overall service offering to you. These advances will be deployed across a fleet of more than 400 vehicles. You will see quicker response times and improved tracking and tracing. Our service will continue to be supported by our professional and customer service focussed operations team.

We are committed to fulfilling this rebrand quickly and efficiently. However, you will appreciate that it presents a big challenge and will take us some time given the size of our fleet. We do however plan to have the entire process completed by the end of this summer.

As we roll out the new vehicles and uniforms you will see a steady increase in eCouriers undertaking your collections and deliveries. All our couriers will carry dual Courier Systems/ eCourier I.D cards until the rebrand is complete.

Soon we will be able to offer you some fantastic new technology. This will include phone apps to track vehicles, ETA’s at the point of booking and regular updates throughout the courier’s journey. We will also be introducing “live chat” and then the most amazing courier booking website which eCourier spent years developing! Once you have access to the website you will be able to download your own management reports and later invoices too!

Please feel free to explore and discover more about eCourier and their technology by visiting www.ecourier.co.uk

If you have any questions or would like further information on any aspect of what we do please don’t hesitate to call or email your usual contact or email any of the contacts below.

On behalf of everyone at Courier Systems and eCourier may I take this opportunity to thank you for your business and your loyalty.

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